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Kenny Luby gets creative

Posted in Uncategorized by eriklundberg on April 29, 2010

Kenny Luby is an amazing filmer and editor. This is his point of view of one of our San Diego Downhill Racing League, races..
I got to collaborate with him during a early morning with some coffee. We talked about the event and stuff.

Check it out, for HD fullscreen:



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For HD in fullscreen:

When Eiyafjallajökull activates

Posted in Uncategorized by eriklundberg on April 24, 2010

Iceland is a beautiful country. I have never been there myself but I have always wanted to go there and explore the waves, the nature and the people. It´s the only fellow Scandinavian country that I still have to explore.
The vulcano Eiyafjallajökull had an outbreak on Iceland more then a week ago and the ashes travelled with the wind over northern Europe and the flights going in and out of northern Europe where cancelled for about a week. It obviously had some major impact on people and it´s been a environmental test. It might be a sign that we have adapt to be more domestic..

The Northern light and a Eiyafjallajökull.

Photo: Ingolfur Juliusson

passenger not getting anywhere

DROP: The trailer

Posted in Downill Skateboarding by eriklundberg on April 23, 2010

Here´s a trailer to the downhill skateboarding documentary “DROP” by Marc McRudden.We are skateboarding in Souther California with this amazing filmcrew. The movie will be available this summer. Click to see the sneekpeek.

Slowdown is up and going

Posted in Uncategorized by eriklundberg on April 4, 2010

Cindy is my neighbour and also a amazing musician. The other day I helped out getting here room/studio organized. In return (apart from a awesome lunch at Lotus café) Cindy got my blog up and going.

Cindy has a pretty cool myspace page:

/ Erik