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When Eiyafjallajökull activates

Posted in Uncategorized by eriklundberg on April 24, 2010

Iceland is a beautiful country. I have never been there myself but I have always wanted to go there and explore the waves, the nature and the people. It´s the only fellow Scandinavian country that I still have to explore.
The vulcano Eiyafjallajökull had an outbreak on Iceland more then a week ago and the ashes travelled with the wind over northern Europe and the flights going in and out of northern Europe where cancelled for about a week. It obviously had some major impact on people and it´s been a environmental test. It might be a sign that we have adapt to be more domestic..

The Northern light and a Eiyafjallajökull.

Photo: Ingolfur Juliusson

passenger not getting anywhere

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