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Bonelli 101010

Posted in Downill Skateboarding by eriklundberg on October 18, 2010

Spent a weekend in San Dimas, CA riding the US nationals of downhill skateboarding. Im glad I got invited even though im not american. Saturday we spent all morning doing practice runs, I did manage to fall and hit they haybales my second run down and get two more people hitting me and the hay just seconds after. When that was done and we shook it off I changed my wheels to some blue 80a 74mm sector9 wheels. Did my qualifying on those after lunch and managed to get the best time down the track. Back home saturday afternoon to get dialed for sunday and the actual race.

Sunday morning, october 10.

Left later then expected from my house, alarm didnt wake me up, jumping in the car after a brief breakfast and enjoying the company back up to LA with friend and roommate Fabian and our neighbor  and producer of Coffee and Judas, Kenny,  you might have seen it on vimeo, If not you can find it in older post on here. He ended up documenting the whole day and everything around it, look out for his flick coming soon.

So racing, straight into the brackets, had some easier heats to in the beginning of the day getting smoothly down dialing in the course. Semifinals got more intense but stayed in front and advanced to the final. A two hour brake later we got a ride back up the hill for the four-man final with Mischo Erban, Calvin Staub, John Rogers and myself. After holding the lead for three quarters of the way down Mischo passed me out of the 90degree righthand corner before the last straight to the finishline. A second place for me, some pricemoney that  got me a new lens for my camera for and a great time riding with the californians, americans and canadians.

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  1. Liam said, on October 23, 2010 at 8:22 am

    Nice one gErik!

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