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DROP 3D this spring

Posted in Uncategorized by eriklundberg on January 24, 2011

The documentary about Downhill Skateboarding will be available on DVD in February.

The 3D version should be done by spring!!

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on a walk

Posted in Slowdown photography by eriklundberg on January 19, 2011

Empty beach.. for contemplating walks with a friend. Another day waking up in El Palmar.

The morning turned to day and the sun came out.

Lundberg looses it

Posted in Downill Skateboarding by eriklundberg on January 14, 2011

Lundberg looses it, a working title on a soon to be released shortfilm produced by Kenny Luby (LL Flicks) in association with SlowdownVisuals.

Starring Erik Lundberg and all the riders from the US Nationals -10, the story catches a glimpse into ErikĀ“s mind waking up in Encinitas, CA. As the journey on a bicycle begins to find open mountain roads Erik is daydreaming of times he looses it in Brazil and looses the US-nationals finals to Mischo Erban.

A contrast story shoot mainly in black and white will take Erik away from the racecourse and out on the California roads. Just for a day, what is really his goal?

where leash belongzz

Posted in Uncategorized by eriklundberg on January 5, 2011

Another day passes by in El Palmar, a new year continous with pure wakeups by the ocean.

pontus behind the lens and erik acting.