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moving home

Posted in Slowdown photography by eriklundberg on July 28, 2011

For the last couple months a new home has been in the making, this time im back in Stockholm and on the
streets of SOFO. Sound it, as this new prospects are being welcomed to the family also. Rackets taking over from the pro Pim-Pim and US-blanks delivers foam.
As of today, leave this at home and taking the bike to Warzawa, Poland for CycleMessengerWorldChampionShip.


l a s t w a v e

Posted in Slowdown photography by eriklundberg on July 27, 2011

Winter in Andalucia is special, taking of on a stormy afternoon with orange-peel drip from the sky.
This was the last wave of El Palmar, ridden.

Surfboards by Mason Dyer.                                  Video captures: Lars Grafström                                            gliding: Erik

A.I birthday

Posted in Slowdown photography by eriklundberg on July 24, 2011

Andy Irons, July 24, 1978 – november 2, 2010. 3X World Champion Andy Irons was born on this day 33 years ago…

World miss you..

September 2010, San Clemente, Andy Irons                                                                                                                SDV:Photo

                                                                                       Video in courtesy of Billabong: “I surf because”


Posted in Slowdown photography, Videos by eriklundberg on July 22, 2011

Midsummer in sweden provides glimpses of endless time combined with the misty sun. The day, the lightest of days delivers pristine conditions for activities like, speedminton.  This short-film by Slowdownvisuals has been showcased to limitied viewers at a filmfestival in northern Stockholm. Filmed by Erik and Pontus, edited by Pontus, showcases a trippy night with speedminton as a new-found  passion. soon to be released public…