Slowdown Visuals

Wandering Warzawa

Posted in Slowdown photography by eriklundberg on August 3, 2011

Tell the time, move along, fade through the forest path, declined messages,  we are moving along.
We are the wandering souls.

He has been my mentor for fixed gear riding, And I did put that in my Curriculum Vitae when I applied for the job as a bike messenger. Ever since a starry night in Los Angeles I have been dedicated to riding.
Fabian “Fabionetti” Ryd and I, on a solid two hour mission through a course, setup as a pretender from the knowledge of work we have in store. It´s a fine line between feeling stranded on the streets and finding the right lines along with 500 riders from around the world. How did we do? really..

At the CycleMessengerWorldChampionships 2011 you better let go to find out the right path and advance to the finals. If you don´t you will still be shreddin´.

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