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new day

Posted in Videos by eriklundberg on May 18, 2012

From California to Stockholm, jetlagged and confused I woke up at 3am.This is what happened:



Posted in Videos by eriklundberg on August 11, 2011

The fall is coming, the storms, the vast searching of our coastlines enteres a new chapter. A day from the last fall.
Blueberry Visuals.


Posted in Slowdown photography, Videos by eriklundberg on July 22, 2011

Midsummer in sweden provides glimpses of endless time combined with the misty sun. The day, the lightest of days delivers pristine conditions for activities like, speedminton.  This short-film by Slowdownvisuals has been showcased to limitied viewers at a filmfestival in northern Stockholm. Filmed by Erik and Pontus, edited by Pontus, showcases a trippy night with speedminton as a new-found  passion. soon to be released public…


Lundberg Loses It

Posted in Downill Skateboarding, Videos by eriklundberg on March 22, 2011

Hey, first I would like to thank everyone who have already seen this movie, i´m overwhelmed over all the nice things I hear about this short film and i´m proud to be a part of the community of downhill skateboard and apply this into film-making and share it with all the people that are interested in riding or just enjoying the cinematography. I take my hat of to Kenny Luby, my friend, filmer and neighbor during a time in Southern California that have given me enlightenment and inspiration for a path to come.  Here´s the movie by LL flicks in association with SlowDownVisuals.


Posted in Videos by eriklundberg on November 21, 2010

Next time, avoid uneven holes and it´s sprouts on the road.


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